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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is a Consumer?

    A consumer is any individual or business looking for a qualified service provider to help them with their next gig, in exchange for payment.

  • What is a service provider?

    A service provider is an organization, business or individual which offers services to our consumers in exchange for payment.

    • A New Business
    • An Established Business
    • A Freelancer

  • What is a Gig?

    A Gig is any type of project, task, or service a consumer needs a service provider for.

  • Is it Free to Sign Up?

    Yes! It's completely free for consumers and service providers to sign-up. Service Providers please feel free to contact us for more information regarding the terms of use. contact@bidonmygig.com

  • What happens after I Sign Up?

    After you sign up- whether you’re a service provider or consumer- you will be added to our wait-list of participants who will be the first to gain access to Bid On My Gig during our Beta Launch.

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